gold-wood-vein-marble-slab (1)

Gold Wood Vein

Look&Feel: brown marble with linear veins.

Application: interior, countertop, crafts

Dimension: as each stone is unique, size will vary upon availability. Average slab size is 40″×60″–80″×120″.Tiles or special sizes may be available upon request.

Thickness: standard stock thickness is 1.6cm(3/5″), 2cm(3/4″) and 3cm(5/4″) for most materials. However 2″ and other thickness may be available upon request.

Finish: standard finishes are polished & honed. Specialty textured finishes such as leather, bamboo, chiseled, antiqued and others may be available in stock or upon request.

Please contact your sales representative for details and availability.

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