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The splendid design of Zebra Grey Marble

     Zebra Grey Marble is a white marble with distinctive linear grey veining. This stone is especially good for countertops, mosaic, monuments, exterior – interior wall and floor, fountains, pool and other design projects. It also called Marmara Cizili Marble, Marmara Equator Marble, Striato Olympic Marble, Marmara Zebra Marble, Asher Grey Marble. Zebra Grey Marble can be processed into Polished, honed, sawn cut, chiseled, sandblasted, bamboo, antique and so on.

               Linear Veining — Zebra Grey Marble                                                    Diagonal Veining — Zebra Grey Marble

 Zebra Grey Marble has naturally occurring parallel linear veining that adds fashion and a spectacular three-dimensional style to the patterning. Straight pattern makes the space more broad, while the parallel lines make the space look neat, suitable for modern, simple design style.  Let us appreciate the applications of zebra grey marble.

Zebra Grey Marble can be manufactured as an fashion tiles or mosaics. This kind of linear veining stone is very suitable for making geometric patterns, chevron patterns and basketweave pattern mosaics. The mosaic made from Zebra Grey Marble has a strong artistic impression, other stone is difficult to achieve this effect.

DHY Stone Company provided Zebra Grey Marble slab and tile. The standard slab thickness is 2cm(3/4″) and 3cm(5/4″) , while other thickness may be available upon request. Herringbone,basketweave and square mosaics are provided by our own factory. Welcome click the below link for more product detail information.


            Zebra Grey Marble Slab                                                                  grey herringbone stone mosaic tiles


              square grey stone mosaic tiles                                                      basketweave pattern marble mosaic tiles

Maybe you have more creative applications about this stone. Let us know what you need and help you materialize your vision, all the product can be customized upon your request.

If you are interested in Zebra Grey Marble, please feel free to contact DHY Stone Co.,Ltd.

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